Monday, September 17, 2007

Modernism In Your Neighborhood

Washington, DC is a very difficult city to find any hint of Modernism on the typical city street. Sometimes it appears in the most unexpected places on the street front, but many times, due to historical restrictions, appears along the alley ways behind the urban street. Here is a great example of how modern design can be sucessfully incorporated with the pre-existing historic fabric. What is really exciting about this example, is that since it is located on a side alley, it can also be partially seen from the main urban street. By restoring the front and existing townhouse facade and details, the project met the historic district requirements. By adding an addition which gently overlaps the existing, but stands on its own merit, enhances the original building and its importance. Here simple industrial materials focusing on simplicity and transparency make this piece of modernism a great example of what is priority in today's design philosophies. An obvious blend of old and new enhances the texture of this urban block.

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