Monday, September 10, 2007

Contextual Modernism

In the typical American society, the common attitude is that all that is older than 50 years is condisered "Historic", and all that is newer than 50 years or is unbuilt, should "blend" with the existing "Historic" elements. I ask, Why does everything have to look as though it is from a past time period in history? Do we want our cities and neighborhoods to be relics from past times even before they are fully realized? If we allow all new architecture to mimic what history has given to us, then the visual historical time table of each city and neighborhood will be lost. If we make a new building, built today, look as though it is from one hundred years ago, you not only take away some of the significance of the existing historic buildings, but in another hundred years from now, how will anyone in that future society be able to recognize the spceific innovations, technologies, materials, society structure and ways of life from today's world? These are questions that I will be addressing in my future posts. Modernism does not have to be scary. Modernism should be welcome in our neighborhoods, not cast off. Next post- "Can you find Modernism in your neighborhood?"


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