Tuesday, June 15, 2010

On the Scene :: MG+BW White Party

From the White House to the White Party,
Mitchell Gold has D
C covered

The 2010 White Party at Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams proved to be a crowd-pleaser. White wine, champagne, and piña coladas greeted guests, who were also treated to white decadent desserts and the pièce de résistance, a white-chocolate fondue fountain. Spinning tunes was NYC diva, Lady Bunny, a vision in white. Even two white Audi's parked curbside added to the overall atmosphere. Amidst all the excitement we had a chance to meet up with the man himself, Mitchell Gold.

Earlier in the day Gold and Steve Hildebrand visited the White House to address the dangers of religion-based bigotry and the negative effects on LGBT individuals, their families, and friends, a topic dear to his heart, and the subject of his book CRISIS. "We told them that they need to be a part of ending it, not complacent to it," said Gold. As a long time advocate of equal rights for LGBT persons, Gold admits that while things are changing for the better, there's still more that needs to be done.

Gold's advocacy extends to other hot topics as well, including that of sustainability, though he admits that this is not a new concept for his company, a member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council. Gold recalls when he first learned of the harmful affects of many furniture components, such as foams containing CFCs and HCFCs. "I called Bob and said 'Our industry is one of the worst!'" Since that time Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams have worked to ensure that the products they create are as beautiful for the natural environment as they are for the built environment. "We've been practicing sustainability for 21 years."

It is this commitment to quality products and thoughtful design which Gold credits as helping them through the these tough economic times. Though he admits that they were hit by the economy like everyone else, Gold is certain that the worst is behind us, stating that business has been busy and increasing steadily since August. Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams have opened several new stores recently, including their newest in Orange County, CA.

When asked about what's new on the horizon, Mitchell Gold urges us to standby for the new collection, set to roll out in August. Gold says that he sees home furnishings heading decidedly more modern. Neutral, natural upholstery with colorful accents reign, and the combination of white and gold is a trend we can expect to see more of (We hope this includes the combination of Mitchell Gold and White Parties!)

With our thoughts turned to summer, we conclude by asking Gold about his own personal summer travel plans, where upon we are delighted to hear that Gold and his partner Timothy Scofield, chief executive of the Washington-based Velvet Foundation, are set to marry this summer, which will be followed by a honeymoon in Italy. Talk about la dolce vita. Cheers to the happy couple!
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On a Roll :: Public Bikes

When the founder of DWR decides to start making bicycles, should we expect anything less than a stylish, comprehensively designed product? That's exactly what is delivered with PUBLIC BIKES, Rob Forbes' new company, which seeks to provide real city bikes to real city people.

With 6 bike offerings, most of which are equipped with fenders and chain-guards, these bikes are commuter friendly (even if the DC summers can be less than). And with their colorful finish options and reflective white tires, these bikes are sure to turn heads. Though currently you'll have to travel to NYC to test ride one, we're hopeful that we'll be seeing these locally soon! And for those of you already operating on peddle power, be sure to check out the sharp looking accessories and gear offered by the company as well.

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Monday, June 7, 2010

Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams' last White Party (June '08) proved to be quite the event, complete with NYC glam queen Lady Bunny. So we're excited that it's time now for the 2010 MG+BW White Party, this Thursday Night! We'll be on hand to take it all in and report on the new offerings on hand and coming soon from the design duo.
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