Friday, September 7, 2007

Looks We Like

For our very first installment of 'Looks We Like', we've decided to feature these little, hand-blown fixtures from Niche Modern (available at We are fond of the variety of shapes and colors, as well as the use of unique incandescent bulbs. The craft of such objects seems to suggest a return to products produced according to time honored traditions, and evoke a sense of nostalgia. We believe that, along with an over-inflated passion for all things 'green', we will also see a welcomed return to well-crafted, hand-made objects. At a time when the organic and all-natural craze is ever present in our grocery stores and restaurants, is this same return to 'wholesome goodness' and a lack of 'processing' becoming a trend in modern design? Perhaps. And, admittedly, while we pause for a second and fear the fate of these clever little luminaries in a world rapidly switching out incandescent bulbs for more energy efficient fluorescents, with such a unique design, we do not hesitate for long.

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