Tuesday, June 10, 2008

On The Scene : G-Star

It is always a treat to go to an opening party for a new store in the city. This is one of the perks you get by living in an urban environment. People watching, socializing, cocktailing, dj spinning, and gift bags all the while being surrounded by great design. The G-Star store on Connecticut Ave. and R Streets that recently opened threw a great party to promote its sleek, modern, and raw Dutch clothing designs. This fashion house bases itself on urban and durable fabrics such as waxed canvas coats and stiff cotton jeans. Military and industrial themes rein in the stylistic content throughout the store. Picture a safari-warzone. This is the general aesthetic. The detailing and design of the store itself echos the inspired clothing line. Waxed canvas drapes and "jump seats" similar to those of the Land Rover Defenders, compose the fitting rooms. Stained steel panels line several accent walls. Fabricated steel racks and displays that are carved into the walls function for the displays. Haphazard lighting hangs from the ceiling and from underneath the metal shelving, creating a sterile and laboratory feel. The store may feel a bit raw, but that is the entire intention. The clothes themselves fit perfectly into the urban warzone where creative denizens enjoy playing the part. Everyone from editors at Washington Life Magazine, Fashonistas, and social scenesters like Svetlana at Brightestyoungthings enjoyed the revelry of the urban event. Great design is always a good way to start a party.

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