Sunday, June 29, 2008

H is for Housewares!

For those of us urbanites involved in the constant hunt for modern, handcrafted, chic, and useful elements to furnish our homes with, I have recently discovered a new boutique that is a must see. Nestled inside a new storefront on the bustling 14th Street NW corridor, Timothy Paul Bedding + Home welcomes the window shopper by allowing them to, for a few moments, peer at the window displays and feel as though they are looking in at a shop in SoHo. The goods are plentiful. Everything from hand crafted beds, tableware, bedding, seating, mirrors, and some of the most incredible glassware that can be found anywhere in the city is bursting with energy inside. Trends and Classics mix well with bright colors, luxurious materials and finely crafted elements. The design of the store itself follows the theme of well crafted design. The wall system is composed of perforated metal shelving anchored to a more organic composite wood that is sleek with a high gloss finish. The metal racks which delicately display the bed linens are also crafted to an organic curve to soften the structured and orderly display. The service desk is a rigid metal frame wrapped in screenwork. The countertop is a study in concrete surface that is somewhat bleached and embedded with glowing light blue shards of recycled glass. The three materials of dark metal, polished concrete and shards of glass all compose a very elegant and functional piece for the store, on casters no less! Do yourself a favor and stop by 1529A 14th Street, NW and indulge in the great eye candy on display and take a step further and indulge in that perfect piece to bring to your own home.

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