Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Finally "green" design is beginning to appear all around us; from Hybrid cars, restaurants supporting local organic and sustainable farms, interior finishes that are made of recycled or sustainable materials, and more LEED certified buildings. It has been difficult for the typical individual to have easy access to the materials and fixtures that allow for the "greening" of their own homes and offices. This is where Greater Goods on 1626 U Street, NW comes into play. Peer through the storefront and at first it might seem to be just another hardware store. Sure, you can buy shower heads, light bulbs, and cleaning supplies, but when you see that they are high pressure low flow shower heads, compact fluorescent light bulbs, and biodegradable cleaning supplies it is clear that this is not your typical store. While peering in the window, look up at the roof of the storefront, and you will see a "green" roof beginning to take root. Walk in and you will not only be greeted by Stella the friendly store mascot, but also by products that will cut your electric, water, and gas bills while looking modern, streamlined, and urban. These products are showcased on a system of shelves that are constructed out of sustainable materials and are built into a functional modular system for adaptability. The aesthetic comes off as a more simplified and "green" Charlotte Perriand, who also explored prefabrication and modular designs. This simple and useful design becomes a very hip setting for the goods. Bland and typically ugly fluorescent tube lighting on the ceiling is masked and made into a quick and inexpensive fixture by draping corrugated translucent plastic panels below. This store is a great example of how you can create an intelligent, functional and modern interior on a budget. It is all about low end costs and a high end product. I highly recommend everyone to check out this store and to go "green", because everyone is doing it.

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