Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Most urban areas offer a large amount of options when it comes to food. DC is no exception. Lunch always plays an important part in anyone's day who happens to live, work, or play in town; power lunches, lunch breaks, the ladies who lunch, vending carts..... YES and now vending carts. Actually, SmartKarts, ergonomic and green (green in color and because they are battery operated) modern euro styled mini-trucks by Daimler-Chrysler have begun parking themselves on well trafficked downtown corners during lunch. The SmartKarts are their own best advertising. Super graphics, vivid color and funky design grab everyone's attention. Watching for twenty minutes on the street corner will prove this point. Drivers stop to oogle, business exec's rush over to order some of the best fast food that dc has seen yet, and urbanites and tourists come together to get a fresh, local, and fun bite to eat. Check out their funky website to find their locations, or stop by the corners of 8th and H and 7th and F streets to visit the first karts. I love living in a city that is not afraid to take on its own identity with new and innovative designs. Seeing the SmartKart in the midst of the Washingtonian downtown is exactly that. Their "ecovending" theme is changing the way DC lunches and it is well worth the trip to a SmartKart.

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