Sunday, October 14, 2007


All that glimmers is not gold, and all that is gold doesn't necessarily glimmer. A pair of 24K gold dipped Nike hightops do not usually appear under a spotlight in the middle of a vacant brake repair garage, but this past weekend this unsuspecting combination became a centerpiece for an event that should not have been missed. Yet again the blossoming DC modern art scene created an exhibit via installation of "luxury items" amidst old tire parts and greasy concrete walls. LUSTER, sponsored by Project 4 Gallery and The Pink Line Project, is the type of happening in the city that gets our creative inspirations re-energized. To display re-interpreted "luxury" items in a decrepit and unexpected location and throw a chic party around the installation is exactly the kind of modern urban irony that reminds us why living in the city is so wonderful.

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