Wednesday, October 10, 2007

City Living; Streamlined

Living in an urban area always will have its positives and negatives, and it will also have more ironic moments than anyone could possibly ever imagine. This is a great reason for walking around the city. You never know what you may stumble upon. Housing options in DC have become much more plentiful with the condo boom as of late, with more condos and houses on the market than ever. Finding a home to fit your needs is not as difficult as it used to be in the District, but finding a home to fit your budget is excessively more difficult than it used to be. Finding a small a space in the neighborhood of choice on a tight budget can be difficult, and many times finding that rent controlled apartment in your neighborhood of choice seems next to impossible. A rather unusual solution to this problem (even if it isn't a solution in reality, it still was a fun thought) popped up on the streets of Dupont circle these last few weeks. A 1980's Vintage 345 Airstream Motorhome has been taking up no less than three on-street parking spaces where it chooses to "dock". This relic of streamlined high tech design is definitely out of place on the typical DC streetscape. Whether it is being used as a super vintage-modern chic pad for a desperate urbanite, or is just a lux set of wheels for travels to other locales, it stands out on its own as a piece of history that is still an excellent example of modern design. Great design can be appreciated when it is new, and cherished when it has aged. The Airstream trailer has become an interesting example of a modern intervention within an existing classic. The designer George Nelson has taken a historic Airstream trailer, and retro-fitted a more modern interior, utilizing today's materials and technologies. This modern interior intervention fits almost seamlessly with the decades old exterior shell. Great Design is everywhere, and can appear in the most ironic situations, if you just keep your eyes open to what surrounds you.

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