Monday, July 21, 2008

A Sweet Tooth for Design

If you are looking for a quick sugar fix topped off with slick design, hop on over to the newly opened TangySweet (P Street near 21st Street, NW). Designed by Washington-based KUBE Architecture, the space, much like the tasty treat served, is colorful, refreshing, and not overly complicated.

Upon entry (once the line is short enough that you have emerged into this oft-packed space) you will almost immediately notice the color-changing light features-cum-standing height tables. Described by the architects as "woven light" which "introduce the fresh colors and flavors of the yogurt and fruit toppings", these elements embrace, rather than defy, the low-light nature of this lower-level space in a pleasing way. For customers wanting to sit and relax there is a small seating area, opposite the cantilevered, LED enhanced tables, dubbed the "yogurt lounge". In fact the entire space, which employs energy-efficient lighting and sustainable materials, feels like a lounge -- one would almost be inclined to order a mojito or cosmo (perhaps future flavor offerings?) --but for now you'll have to indulge in a 'well-dressed' yogurt or smoothie.

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