Thursday, May 15, 2008


Finally DC has caught on to the fact that installation art makes a HUGE scene, and creates a wonderfully intoxicating buzz around it. Transformer Gallery has invited a crew of modern artists and thinkers to take over the raw and vast warehouse space on the corner of 14th and T Streets, NW, and saturate it with art that creates an experience, makes you think, question, and become inspired by something that you never expected. If you have not yet wandered through, you MUST. It is open Wednesday-Saturday 1pm-7pm T Street entrance in the graffiti covered building. It is open until May 24. Pictures of DC as background to several dozen hanging fishbowls invokes the thought that maybe we all live in a fishbowl? The room without walls casts shadows of the ephemeral, follow the path of raked glowing rice though the space where other semi-non-spaces exist. Color, Layer, and mass in several other installations add to the oddness of the former church spaces. The fourth floor penthouse is a fantastic light filled space that glorifies building decomposition, and celebrates it by integrating color, translucency and organic form to the infrastructural weatherings and failures. It is always a trip to venture into an experience that takes your thoughts to another level. Here and Now. Go There and be Wowed.

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