Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Within the last month or so in Washington , DC along with other America urban hubs, there have been sightings of the Smart. To be more descriptive, the Smart Fortwo. Once only available to Europe and Canada, this insect like mode of transport is an ideal and hip way to traverse the urban maze. The original design concept, a collaboration between Daimler-Benz and Swatch, was inteneded for the convenience of a car but one that could navigate cities with tight streets and little parking. London, Paris, and Rome are a few of the places where you could hop into a Smart and manage to travel through centuries old streets and actually fit into an almost non-existant parking spot. With the recent boom in city living within the United States, smaller and more economic modes of transportation have become a more popular method of travel compared to large SUV's and sedans. Modern styling along with egronomic and vibrant interiors make the Fortwo a fun and fuel sipping answer to the sophisticated urbanite on the go. If you spot a Smart in your neighborhood, let us know! For those of us thinking spring, the Fortwo also comes in a cabriolet!

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