Thursday, December 27, 2007

Florida Modern

My holiday travels offered up a fantastic opportunity to document some of central Florida's mid-century modern jewels. Winterpark, Florida offers up an exciting number of vintage "Florida Modern" houses that completely embraced the period and the notion of outdoor living. Low slung rooflines create sun shading, while floor to ceiling glazing angles with the roof edges. Carports as well as covered loggia blur the line between indoor and outdoor spaces. The kidney shaped pool and outdoor barbecue pit are also requisites of course. Unfortunately many people view these historic icons as tear downs. Of course the horrific Florida version of the McMansion (neo-Mediterranean style) tends to take over the lots where these sensible and well designed houses once stood. Fortunately some people see these houses as treasures that are just as modern and relevant to today's living standards as they were when they were first built decades ago. Enjoy the photo documentation while I go back to daydreaming of lounging poolside while the 1965 280 SE Cabriolet sits in the carport.

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